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Press - 12/09/2013

-Ari Brickman, a multidisciplinary figure – Vicente Zavaleta, El Universal. -How beautifully his music slides into our ears. Brickman is a powerful singer-songwriter whose ideas survive in a most elemental state and therein lies the proof of quality. –Alonso Arreola, La Jornada. -Ari Brickman is a clear example of those rare figures conceived in the independent local scene. With a strong understanding that connects rock, folk, pop and experimentation. He works as a multi-sensory alchemist and begins with a blank canvas on which to express an acoustic kaleidescope. -Eclectic Music. -AMONG THE TOP 10 ALBUMS OF THE YEAR! An album with poetic lyrics enhanced by a fine humor that leaves the listener with a smile on their lips. As if this weren’t enough, the cover art is exactly that: ART. What a beautiful album! -Jorge Ocaña - Rockmx. -"Llegaste bonita me hiciste perder y no me quita todo este querer”, these are the first lines that Ari Brickman sings between shadows, cliffs and valleys filled with nostalgia, resignation and creativity in an acoustic rain with a robust double-bass that contrasts with the voice that is almost fleeing. - José Antonio Monterrosas Figueiras -The album has intense quality of sound, in addition to showing us a side of Ari Brickman that has matured in his lyrics, as well as his compositions. - Revista Siete Días -The audience responded with loud applause at the same time, showing affection and support that was felt throughout the theatre. The lighting and distribution of the stage were perfect for the event, creating an atmosphere of tranquility, nostalgia, and romantic—filled with emotions, and thus mirroring the songs. During the presentation, the group also premiered the video for the song, “No hagas caso”, which made the evening that much more special for the audience and moved and flooded the theatre with the same emotions presented by the ballads. By the end, the public left with a excellent flavor in their mouths and happiness. -Reseñas 3D “......it appears that new Mexican albums are emerging that will surprise us…this is an album that seduces and catches you with every song…” - Revista Sonika. “.... this is an example of a project that has feet, head and intelligence behind it, it is an excellent proposal to the audience…he has constructed an album that at ever turn impresses the listener…” - Revista Marvin. “...he makes elegant and playful music, clean of ambition or trends. Delicate in sound and design, it has generated positive commentaries across the muscial world. It is among one of my favorite albums…” -Revista Chilango.